Chess for Overall Development. Chess Workbook
Viktor Zaretskii Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor, Amir Gilyazov
  • Серия: шахматы для общего развития
  • Перевод на англ.: О. Тучина
  • Год издания: 2017
  • ISBN:978-3-87667-440-7
  • 978-3-87667-441-4
  • Кол-во страниц: 104 c илл.
  • Размер страницы: 145 х 210
  • Тип обложки: мягкая
  • Возрастное ограничение: 12+

Dear Students!

You are in luck! You have such a school subject as Chess. It is a very interesting and useful game. However, only some schools teach Chess. Your class has Chess. Chess training is a good opportunity to learn to play and to develop various abilities that will be helpful both in your studies and your life. We have created this Workbook so that the training will be interesting and useful for you. We invite those who will engage in a year-long chess training to use this Workbook.

It is a very unusual Workbook. You will use it both when working on the assignments (just like in workbooks on other subjects) and when filling out a special form at the bottom of each page. Take a close look at this form when you have faced the first challenging assignment and felt the need for the teacher’s help. This form is necessary for challenging assignments – those that you may fail to complete by yourself. Filling it out, you will be able to understand what you have managed to do yourself (without the teacher’s help); what challenges you have faced and what your teacher has helped you with. Tomorrow you will be able to autonomously do things that you are doing with the teacher’s help today. This is what learning means: when you are gradually proceeding from what you do not know and fail to accomplish to the ability to independently perform most advanced tasks. At first, you may find it challenging to fill out this form. Your teacher may help you withthat. Please keep it in mind that each student fills this form out by him/herself depending on which mistakes the student has made and which challenges the student has faced. If you do it on a regular basis, by the end of the year, the Workbook will contain the whole story of your journey on the way to playing Chess and…something else. Chess is a game that may help to develop various useful abilities and skills. That is why, you will be able to see both your challenges and resources that you use to overcome these challenges. The key thing is to be active and courageous! Don’t be afraid of mistakes and don’t be ashamed of them! All people who are learning make mistakes as it is impossible to do anything new and make no mistakes. Share your challenges with the teachers and they will help you. Good luck and success to you on your training journey!

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